In March, 2017, the TFF Director, in close collaboration with TNC-Myanmar, completed an evaluation of two vocational forestry training institutions run by the Myanmar Timber Enterprise and two forestry training colleges operating under the control of the Myanmar Forestry Department. This activity was implemented under the RAFT3 Australian Government grant administered by The Nature Conservancy.

The purpose of this evaluation was to gain a better understanding of Myanmar forestry training capacity and specific training needs so as to set the stage for targeted training assistance. The activity report, “Evaluation of Forest Practices, Technical and Vocational Training Facilities and Training Needs in Myanmar’s Forestry Sector”, found that Myanmar has vocational and technical forestry training institutions probably more than any other south east Asian nation. However, years of underfunding have begun to a erode the training capacity.

Despite the shortage of government funds, the technical and vocational institutions, some of them dating back to colonial times, provide an invaluable resource for rapid upgrading of technical capacities and a ready channel for donner funds to target specific training needs. The evaluation report will be used to formulate the next RAFT3-TFF input to the Myanmar forestry sector in the form of a specific training activity likely to be delivered in early 2018.

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