“I enjoyed how thorough of a discussion we were able to have with RECOFTC. Of all the organisations we have met, I felt the most engaged with them and was able to apply many of our class lectures to the topics we have discussed”Elizabeth Stanza

As part of RAFT’s efforts to reach out to the academic community, on 15 June 2018, RECOFTC hosted a batch of students from Webster University, USA studying Inequality and the Environment. Students travelling to Thailand were interested in RECOFTC’s regional work and extensive experience on gender equality and social inclusion in forestry. The organisation firmly believes that addressing women’s roles and needs in the forestry sector is central to sustainable conservation, the management of forests and enhancing rural livelihoods. While for over two decades gender has received greater attention with regard to issues concerning natural resources such as water and land; in forestry, the challenge of enhancing women’s socio-economic and environmental rights and benefits has often been neglected.











Students are seldom exposed to the voices of those working directly in the field; therefore, it is of utmost importance to create a bridge between the academic world and professionals, and  theoretical and practical knowledge. This Study Tour was an opportunity for them not only to learn about community forestry, gender and social inclusion, but also to look at disparate issues from the standpoint of indigenous people, ethnic minorities, among other communities.


 Learn more about RECOFTC work and tools on Gender and Social Inclusion.