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Clark Freeport Zone
Widus Hotel; Macau Hall
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Small Forest Enterprises: Barriers and Opportunities to Participating in the Responsible Wood Products Trade
Asia Pacific is home to the majority of the world’s small forest enterprises. They play a critical role in meeting the world’s growing demand for forest products. They also make vital contributions to alleviate poverty in developing countries.However, regulations related to legal and sustainable wood products trade arechanging around the world. This can result in more stringent regulatory compliance and extra up-front costs to enterprises. In comparison with corporate producers, small forest enterprises face unique challenges in their attempt to comply with these changing regulations while maintaining trade relationships with existing buyers. Global stakeholders are aware of the issues and challenges small forest enterprises face but success in addressing these challenges has been limited. The goal of this event is to better understand and communicate the challenges small forest enterprises face in participating in the legal and sustainable wood products trade, and to identify potential tools and models to overcome and remove barriers.