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Featured Highlights - The Ecology of Responsibility
Having the power of a collaborative network of like-minded people truly allows us to achieve more than what we would have individually.
Boris Saraber, TFT
Working collectively allows us to build on each others’ strengths.
George White, WWF GFTN
There is no single organization that can do all these things.
Art Klassen, TFF
The Ecology of Responsibility

As the tropical forests of Asia Pacific are developed to meet global demand for wood and paper products, they are being degraded and cleared at an unsustainable pace. As a result, hundreds of millions of forest-dependent peoples are losing access to their livelihoods, critical wildlife habitat is shrinking, carbon pollution is contributing to global climate change and many of the region’s forestry sectors are facing an uncertain future. At the same time, global demand for sustainable products and government commitments to green development are steadily increasing. This new environment