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The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF)
PARTNERSHIP -> The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF)
TFF – The Tropical Forest Foundation

The Tropical Forest Foundation (TFF) is an international association of forest industry leaders, NGO’s, and academic institutions committed to the concept of promoting and training of sustainable forest management with particular focus on reduced impact logging (RIL).

TFF-Indonesia runs the SE Asia-Pacific program of TFF International and offers a suite of interrelated services to the Indonesian forestry sector. This includes RIL training for forest concessions; facilitation of legality and chain-of-custody audits and trainings for forest industries and concessions; certification support in technical and management matters; and engagements with the forest industry in the wider SE Asia Region.


TFF is conducting program activities in Myanmar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG) under the RAFT partnership program.

In Indonesia, TFF has committed to expanding its sustainable forest management program by (a) conducting RIL/SFM trainings for forest concessions and/or management units, (b) carrying out gap assessments and trainings in wood working industries in preparation for independent legality audits, and (c) conducting a large scale study on enhanced carbon retention through the application of RIL.

In PNG, TFF has committed to: (d) collaborating with the Timber and Forestry Training Colleage (TFTC to provide training in RIL and Logging Code of Practice for all field staff of the PNG Forest Authority, Field Services Directorate), (e) provide trainings in RIL adoption to a selected timber concession, (f) develop and deliver selected training modules in RIL in collaboration with the TFTC and (g) develop series of training and procedures manual for RIL and the Logging Code of Practice.

In Myanmar, TFF has committed to (h) leading the evaluation of a number of forest management units and logging operations and identifying training needs, and (i) conduct chain-of-custory evaluation for selected private sector wood working industries.

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