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TRAFFIC – the wildlife trade monitoring network

TRAFFIC strives to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature.

In pursuit of this aim, TRAFFIC’s fundamental purpose is to encourage changes in policy, legislative and institutional as well as in the behaviour of specific target groups who are in a position to reduce that threat so trade in wild plants and animals is managed at sustainable levels. This way, the integrity of ecological systems will be protected in such a manner that it makes a significant contribution to human needs, supports local and national economies and helps motivate commitments to the conservation of wild species and their habitats. In addition, TRAFFIC is dedicated to reversing current declines in wild species’ populations resulting from overexploitation for meat, medicines and other commercial purposes.


TRAFFIC, as a RAFT partner, contributes to RAFT’s objectives by leading sub-activities in China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam and providing technical advice and support to governments, civil society and private sector as needed on timber and non-timber forest products trade. TRAFFIC supports efforts to communicate RAFT’s message of responsible forestry to media, industry and the public. It has also helped raise awareness and build capacity among both forest managers and processors about the specific steps that should be taken to ensure compliance with relevant forestry legislation and to highlight the availability of resources where operators can find additional assistance. This includes updating and developing materials needed to ensure the demand from local producers is being met, while still following importer legality requirements, and offering support and capacity building for selected companies and industry associations on legality standards and verification systems. These activities aim to make the global wood products trade more transparent, reinforce financial and policy incentives as well as develop institutional capacity to achieve a more responsible forest landscape management.

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