RAFT works on the ground in Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. It also works with regional markets and inter-governmental organizations in Brunei-Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.



The region is part of a number of influential regional platforms (ASEAN, APEC, APFNet, and the East Asia Summit) that provide important opportunities to harness the political and economic influence of neighbors and trading partners to advance sustainability objectives within the region’s tropical forested countries.

A number of high-level global and regional events will take place in Asia Pacific, including the Asia Pacific Forestry Week and the Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit.


Providing technical and advisory support to discussions on regional approaches to timber legality verification and forest products trade, and sharing knowledge, research, good practices and tools developed by the program.


Participating in high-level global and regional events throughout the program duration.

Co-hosting a public-private dialogue on strengthening the capacity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the legal trade.

Organizing and delivering a knowledge sharing event where the results of the impact assessment of RAFT’s program over the 10 years will be presented.